How to shoot a very short film w/ cheap gear: Pre-Production, Gear Used, Storyboards – Pt. 1

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Welcome our new sponsor for this short series: Pond5! As a gift to viewers, you can download 15 free clips that I have picked out of their library from this link:

In this video, we’ll begin the journey of creating a short film, which will really be more like a YouTube video intro, but the principles are, for the most part, the same. In part 1, we will talk about pre-production and figuring out all the stuff that needs to be done before you pick up a camera and start shooting. We’ll cover story-telling, location selection, sun angle, building a storyboard, camera gear, and more!

Part 2: Shooting the video on location:
Part 3: Post-production: Editing, Color Grading, Sound Work, Delivery:

00:54 Intro
01:23 Tell a story
01:54 Determine overall mood
02:51 Finding locations
03:50 Sun direction
06:31 Storyboard
14:38 The Gear!
20:36 Stay tuned for Part 2!


Pond5 is an amazing library of stock video and sound (& much more!) that you should check out. See the link above to download some free footage and see some of what Pond5 can do for you!


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