How to Reset all Edits & Changes in Adobe Lightroom

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I am an Adobe Certified Instructor and I’ve been working as a creative professional and photo retoucher for over 16 years. I enjoy combining creative work with teaching.

I’ve won many Adobe teaching awards and recently reached a huge milestone….I have now had over a million people worldwide who have studied using my online courses like this one!

What’s in the course?
You will learn ‘best practice’ for:
– White balance
– Temperature and color correction
– Masking
– We will cover all types of photography:
– Portrait
– Wedding
– Landscape
– Wildlife
– Automotive
– Event
– Architectural
– Drone
– Travel
– Product
– Food
– You will learn to color grade like a professional, making simple and powerful color grades which will make your images pop!

You will learn how to:
– Soften and smooth skin texture
– Highlight eyes and whiten teeth
– Enhance hair and make eyes and lips really stand out in a portrait
– Remove unwanted elements from a photograph
– Color grade videos
– Reduce noise and graininess from photos

The same great tools you will have worked with for photographs will also work with video clips. You will learn how and why to switch between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to achieve optimal results. One of the most exciting features is learning about presets which will speed and enhance your workflow. Lightroom is a powerful tool for organising, sorting, color grading and backing up your images.

Who will benefit from this course?
This course is aimed at people who are brand new to image editing and photography in general. We start right from scratch and work through topics step by step. It doesn’t matter whether you are using an expensive ‘state of the art’ digital SLR camera or a very basic mobile phone – Lightroom will work well for both!

Whether you have never used Lightroom or you have opened it and struggled – follow this course with me and together we will take your images and transform them into beautiful, dynamic photographs by using Adobe Lightroom CC.

What will students learn in this course?

– Best practices for white balance, temperature & color correction.
– Unlock the power of masking.
– You’ll cover all types of photography genres including Portrait, Landscape, Wedding, Night, Wildlife, Automotive, Event, Architectural, Drone, Travel, Product Food.
– You’ll know how to color grade like a professional, simple grades and then moving into distinctive powerful color grades to make your images really pop.

– You’ll retouch images, making skin smoother, eyes & teeth whiter. Make hair, eyes and lips standout in portraits.
– Learn how to remove parts of an image.
– Learn how to color grade videos.
– You’ll even learn when and how it might be appropriate to jump out to Adobe Photoshop.
– Do you have noisy, grainy images? After this course, you’ll know what tools and techniques to use to remove it.
– Learn how to add the noise, grunge & grain back in for a powerful visual statement.
– Need to work fast? You’ll learn where to find and how to use the best Presets, LUTS & Profiles.
– You’ll take your skills and apply your edits in bulk to a huge group of images all at once.
– Learn Lightroom’s amazing organizational abilities. Quickly sorting, comparing, searching, grading & backing up images.
– You’ll learn the best settings for printing your images and sharing on social media without losing details and how to package up a shoot and easily share with a client

What are the requirements for take this course?

– Adobe Lightroom CC Desktop (not Lightroom Classic)
– No prior knowledge or experience with Lightroom is required
– No prior knowledge or experience in Photography is required

Who is this course for?

– This course is really aimed at people new to photo editing software and photography in general. We’ll start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step.
– You might be using the biggest fanciest camera in the world or shooting on your phone that’s held together mostly with sellotape. It doesn’ matter, Lightroom is amazing for both.

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