How To Be MORE CREATIVE & Generate Awesome Ideas! (Podcast Episode 1)

How can you be more creative as a graphic designer, and generate more ideas for your projects?
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Todays video is a podcast which is something very different to what I typically make. This style of video might not appeal to some and it might be exactly what others are looking for. However, if you are a graphic designer or simply a creative, you will no doubt hit a creative block from time to time, and you will wonder how to become more creative and generate those awesome ideas we all want to have.

There are many methods and ways to come up with more ideas for your graphic design projects, and hitting a creative block or wall can be down to several different things. People might be surprised to know that how the live their life, what they eat and do, might be the reason for their creative block!

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00:00 intro
00:52 Creative Block
01:35 Your Desk
03:30 Notepad
04:04 Your Body
06:11 Inspiration?
08:11 Books!
11:11 Keywords
12:53 Deadlines & Goals
14:09 Ask Others
15:02 Happy Worker
16:09 Afraid To Fail
17:48 Wasted Creativity


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