How to Quickly Edit your Photos in Lightroom with Aaron Nace – 1 of 2

Learn how to edit your photos like a pro using Lightroom with Aaron Nace, founder of Phlearn. In this two-part series, he’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently edit images, using Lightroom presets, adjustment brushes, and more!

Guest Aaron Nace is a photographer, educator, and founder of, an online resource that provides Photoshop tutorials, based in Mexico: |

Host Anna McNaught is a photographer, photoshop artist, and traveler:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:20 Intro to Today’s Project
4:50 Browsing Aaron’s Photo Library
6:20 Working with Lighting Sliders
10:40 Working with Masks
16:25 Tips to Learning Keyboard Shortcuts in Lightroom
18:28 Editing a Radial Gradient Mask
20:07 Editing Color Range of a Mask
22:00 How to Subtract from a Mask
31:37 Info on the HSL Panel
34:45 Editing a Beach Image
35:50 Using the Select Sky Tool
38:37 How to Zoom into an Image on Lightroom
44:55 Editing a Family Portrait
45:43 Editing the Sky and Skin Tone
52:15 Editing a Second Family Portrait Image
54:00 Editing with the Dehaze Tool
58:50 Using a Color Range Mask
1:05:10 Does Aaron Color Calibrate His Monitors?
1:07:30 Talking About Air Dropping with Lightroom
1:09:40 Targeting a Color with Color Range
1:12:40 How to Correct Teeth Color in Lightroom
1:20:50 Editing with a Mask
1:26:25 Adding a Vignette to a Portrait
1:27:45 Using a Luminance Range Mask
1:36:30 Tips on Cropping
1:39:45 Using the HSL Panel


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