How to Open Eyes in Photoshop

Learn how you can very easily avoid Photography errors like closed eyes that are beyond your control in Photoshop. Whether it is a blurry photo due to movement of the subject or the expressions or the pose have gone wrong or maybe somebody came in between, photobombed the image, this video has a tip and a solution to how to get over and solve these problems. Not only it includes a tip on the Photoshop side but also a tip on the photography side. And the secret to almost always have photos with no mistakes is a probability. The more photos you take, the lesser chances you have of having mistakes or errors in your images.

Suppose, you are all set to take a picture, with your index finger on the shutter button of the camera and your breath in control and as your heart beats with patience and the and along the anxiety you take the picture, but at that moment, something terrible happens, your model blinks her eyes, or, or someone walks in between. and that whole moment is lost. The secret here is, what I do is always keep my camera on High Speed continuous mode, or Burst mode. So, whenever I take press the button, the camera or the phone keeps on taking photos as long as the button in pressed. So, you have more chances to get a perfect image.

BUT, there are times when none of the images are perfect in one way or the other. THAT’S WHERE PHOTOSHOP KICKS IN. In this photoshop tutorial you will learn how to combine the perfectness of every imperfect image ONLY ON PIXIMPERFECT! That was a quite a line, wasn’t it? 😛

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