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Select and remove an object from an image and place it in a composition using your iPad.

Featured artist: Vanessa Rivera. Check out more of her work here:

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your files:

1. Save the Photoshop document to Creative Cloud Files or your preferred cloud service that you can access from your iPad.
2. Open Adobe Photoshop on your iPad and choose Import and open to open the scene.psd file.
3. Tap the image icon and select Files to import the chair photo. Tap Done.
4. Tap the overlays layers group, then tap the eye icon to hide it to make it easier to see the rest of the composition.

Mask the chair:

1. Choose the Quick Select tool.

Tip: You may need to long press the Lasso tool to see the Quick Select tool.

2. Adjust the Size and Hardness.
3. Make sure Add to Selection is selected.
4. Tap and drag to select the chair.
5. Alternate between Subtract and Add to Selection until you have selected the entire chair.

Tip: Adjust brush size as needed. Pinch or expand two fingers to zoom in and out. Swipe with two fingers to pan the image as you work.

6. Tap the mask layer icon.
7. Choose the brush tool.
8. Brush with black to hide any original background remaining around the chair. Brush with white to reveal areas you accidentally hide.

Transform and position the chair:

1. Choose the Transform tool.
2. Drag the bottom bounding extension to rotate the chair. We rotated it -14.77 degrees.
3. Drag a top corner handle to scale down the chair.
4. Drag the middle right handle to make the chair narrower.
5. Drag the chair into position.
6. Tap Done.

Add an adjustment layer:

1. Tap the Layer Properties icon.
2. Tap Add Clipped Adjustment.
3. Tap Hue/Saturation.
4. Adjust the Hue and Saturation to your liking. We liked Hue (-25) and Saturation (35).
5. Paint with a black brush to hide unwanted Hue/Saturation adjustments to the wood and other parts of the chair where it is unnecessary.

Note: When you apply an adjustment layer, Photoshop applies a mask allowing you more control over the adjustments you make.

That’s it!

To learn, more visit our Photoshop Tutorials page:



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