How to Make a FORTNITE SCAR in Adobe Illustrator!

LEARN TO DRAW THIS AWESOME ARTWORK VERSION OF A PIECE OF FORTNITE! | We’ll cover importing a sketch, creating basic shapes, refining shapes, adding outlines, shadows and highlights, and much more!

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In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll transform a rough sketch of the SCAR from Fortnite into a slick and smooth graphic. We’ll go through the entire process of creating the shapes, refining the shapes, rounding corners, punching out holes, adding texture, adding scratches, building out highlights and shadows to give our flat shapes some depth and dimension, and we’ll cover a ton of Illustrator tools and general technique I use when approaching a project like this! I hope you enjoy it!

⚡️ written tutorial here:

00:00 Intro, examples, sponsor shoutout
01:13 Getting started
01:33 Dragging in the sketch
02:05 Start drawing shapes
03:21 Repeating shapes for the rail
04:37 Drawing the handle & magazine
05:31 Refining the shapes and cutting out pieces
06:22 Basic and advanced corner rounding
07:49 Sponsor shoutout (Squarespace)
08:52 Creating the solid outlines
10:15 Adding grip to buttstock
10:55 Adding scratches and textures
13:44 Creating handle grip texture
14:26 Creating all the highlights and shadows
16:39 Adding colors to the artwork
17:24 Creating a bold pop art border outline (THICK)


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