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Make custom image adjustments and quickly apply the same look and feel to multiple images.

Save the Adobe Stock photo to your Camera Roll to use Lightroom on your iPad. []

Adjust your image:

1. Open a photo.
2. Tap the Edit button.
3. Open the Light panel.
4. Adjust Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, and Blacks. We used the following settings:
a. Contrast: 60
b. Highlights: -20
c. Shadows: 20
d. Blacks: 20
5. Open the Color panel.
6. Adjust Temp, Vibrance, and Saturation. We used the following settings:
a. Temp: 10
b. Vibrance: 50
c. Saturation: 35
7. Open Color Mix settings.
8. Adjust red, yellow, and blue channels. We used the following settings:
a. Red Saturation: -20
b. Yellow Hue: 50
c. Yellow Saturation: 30
d. Blue Hue: 50
e. Blue Saturation: 30
9. Open Color Grading settings.
10. Switch to the Midtones color wheel and adjust the settings. We used:
a. Luminance: -60
b. Hue: 237
c. Saturation: 100
11. Switch to the Highlights color wheel and adjust the settings. We used:
a. Luminance: -15
b. Hue: 225
c. Saturation: 100

Save your edits:

1. Tap the three dots from the top menu.
2. Select Create Preset.
3. Name your preset.

Reuse your preset:
1. Open a new photo.
2. Tap the Presets button.
3. Choose “Yours”.
4. Tap User Presets.
5. Select your preset.
6. Tap Done.
7. Tap Share to export your photo to your camera roll or social media.

That’s it!

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