How to Do More in a Week than Most Do in a Month

Are you overwhelmed with endless tasks? Or are you losing focus on your creative agency’s goals? Matt unveils his Weekly Planner system, a lifeline for creative agency owners. Learn to prioritise effectively, align daily actions with long-term visions, and identify high-impact activities to transform your chaotic week into a structured pathway to success. Perfect for creative business owners ready to streamline operations and scale with intention.

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✏️ In This Episode:
00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Weekly Planner System
01:04 – Creative Life Planning
02:09 – Setting Milestones Using the MAP Framework
02:39 – Example of Measurable Milestone
03:29 – Translating Milestones into Projects
04:16 – Daily Habits to Fuel Your Success
04:41 – Keep Your Brain Focused w/ Brain Dumps
06:47 – Grouping Tasks in “Chunks”
07:46 – Exclusive! Free Notion Planner Template
08:07 – Leverage Tasks for Progress
08:41 – Game-Changing Questions
09:48 – Your Golden Hour
10:35 – Categorize Tasks (Impact vs Effort)
12:03 – Tim Ferriss’ Elimination Strategy
13:49 – Work w/ Your Brain – Not Against it (Core Buckets)
15:34 – Time Block Like a Boss
17:50 – How to Use the Free Notion Template
22:45 – Conclusion
24:08 – Outro

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Host: Chris Do (Bald Asian Guy Talks About Business)
Cinematographers/Editors: @RodrigoTasca & @Tascastudios MOCS Media

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