How to Design + Draw Construction Details (Start to Finish)

Designing a sheet of details from start to finish for a custom, one-of-a-kind fireplace. I’ll show you everything involved in bringing a design concept through to construction. I discuss how to develop and reinforce the design concept using details, how I lay out my drawing sheets, how you can use code constraints to shape your designs, why using consultants is so important and you’ll learn how I take an idea about form and experience and translate it into a set of construction details.

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0:35 Design Brief + Client Directive
0:57 Design Solution + Concept
2:19 Balancing Esthetic + Technical Goals
3:25 Details Answer Questions
3:53 Drawing Sheet Layout
5:28 Technical Constraints Inform the Design Details
7:13 Fireplace Consultant
8:20 Essence of Detailing (draw everything possible)
9:08 Using Details to Abstract the Design Concept
9:43 Detailing a Rough Boulder
10:17 Sequencing + How it Informs Details
12:36 Role of Consultants in Detailing
13:47 Designing a custom chimney
16:44 Problems During Construction

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