How to Design a Sticker with Kladi from Printmysoul

Celebrate May the 4th by designing a colorful sticker set, ready for print with Kladi! Today she’ll share how to combine simple shapes to build Baby Yoda and how to change your color palette in one click.

Host Kladi is a Visual Strategist at Studio Printmysoul based in Manchester, England:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:55 Introduction
05:10 Creating a new document
08:00 Creating and editing artboards
11:50 Creating and editing shapes
17:00 Adjusting anchor points
21:20 Creating the ears
24:45 Offset Path
30:15 Duplicate and flip
33:08 Creating the eyes
41:40 Combining shapes with Pathfinder
42:50 Creating the hands
46:58 Using the Width Tool for wrinkles
51:25 Creating a sticker from the design


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