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Turn any text into art with envelope distort and masking.

Add this library to use the sample image [ ] add your own. Steps below.

Prep your file:

1. Open Illustrator on your computer.
2. Create a new document.

Type your title:

1. Click the Type tool on the toolbar.
2. Open your Character palette.
3. Expand the font menu.
4. Open the filter menu.
5. Select Sans Serif, Heavy Weight, and Condensed.
6. Close the Filter menu.
7. Select Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold.
8. Type your word.
9. Press the Escape key on your keyboard to finish typing.
10. Reselect your word with the Selection tool.
11. Hold down the Alt or Option key while dragging in the selected word from a side point.

Modify the word shape:

1. Right-click with the word selected.
2. Create Outlines.
3. Select the Direct Selection tool on the toolbar.
4. Click and drag to make a rectangular marquee around the bottom points of a character in the word.
5. Drag the points down.
6. Repeat on the bottom of each character until the desired length is achieved.
7. Click and drag a rectangular marquee and select all characters.

Create a Mesh:

1. Choose Object – Envelope Distort – Create Mesh.
2. Create the Envelope Mesh with 5 Rows and 1 Column.

Warp the Mesh:

1. Click and drag a rectangular marquee around the top row of points to select them.
2. Drag the top row to the right.
3. Click and drag a rectangular marquee around the next row of points to select them.
4. Drag that row to the left.
5. Repeat these steps for the remaining rows to achieve the wavy look.

Expand the Wavy Word:
1. Select the word with the Selection tool.
2. Choose Object – Expand.
3. Expand the Object and Fill. Click OK.
4. Choose Object – Compound Path – Make.

Place Your Image:
1. Open the Libraries panel: Window – Libraries.
2. Find the Discover – Wavy Words library.
3. Drag the image and click to place it onto the artboard.
4. Right-click on the image.
5. Choose Arrange – Send to Back.

Make a Mask:
1. Drag to select both the image and the text.
2. Right-click on the selection.
3. Choose Make Clipping Mask.

Tweak the art:
1. Double-click on the image.
2. Edit the appearance and arrangement of the image behind the mask by moving, scaling, and rotating it.
3. Select the Direct Selection tool on the toolbar.
4. Select any points on the word to readjust them, revealing more or less of the image.

That’s it!

Check out the full lesson and more on Discover:



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