How To Communicate With Persuasive Power with Hilari Weinstein

Today’s guest is Hilari Weinstein, the president of High Impact Communications. Hilari Weinstein is the author of 2 books, Selection Success and More Selection Success.

In today’s episode you’ll discover a powerful roadmap for getting (and projecting) true confidence.

You’ll also discover:

– One trick to more effective communication on the job-site
– One instant “voice register” change women can make to project more confidence
– 4 questions to ask about a prospective client BEFORE you meet with them
– There are 5 types of confidence – but only ONE you must master to influence and persuade
– One weird mental hack to silence your inner critic and boost confidence – in ANY situation
– The one meeting a week you should NEVER miss, even if you work alone
– The 5-step roadmap to true confidence

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