How To Choose The CORRECT COLOUR For Your LOGO Designs

Learn how you can choose the CORRECT colours for your logo designs, and each every time. Designing a logo can be challenging, and many people do fail when it comes to selecting the right colour for the job, so don’t make the same mistake, and learn colour theory in logo designing today.

The colour wheel isn’t going to be necessary as such today, we are looking more into colour psychology, and how colours relate back to the personality and ideologies of the people interacting with the logo design. It goes far deeper than just choosing and picking a ‘nice’ colour from the colour wheel, we are really going to tap into the target market and see what makes them tick in terms of colour. Todays tutorial by Satori Graphics is pretty short, but it is condensed with 3 ways or methods that you can choose the correct colour for your logo designs, each and every time.
I suggest that you make notes on the 3 methods or maybe bookmark the video to watch later, because the information gives today will really help you choose the right colour for any logo design.

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