How To Build Self Confidence & Overcome Imposter Syndrome. 7 mins.

Cultivating Creative Confidence. Confidence is a skill and ability which can be cultivated. I share some personal stories and tips from my talk at Post Production World in Las Vegas.

0:09 Confidence is a skill and ability that can be cultivated/mastered.
0:28 Introversion & overcoming the fear of public speaking
1:10 Recognizing your discomfort, become more self-aware of your internal signals
1:20 Sugar Ray Leonard
1:43 Transparency is self-truth
2:08 Self-truth gives you freedom
2:55 What is confidence & how do you find it?
3:05 Search for peace of mind. Have what you think, say and do be in harmony.
3:29 Unhappiness can come from attachment to knowledge, power, wealth, or ego.
3:50 The ego exists in the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind.
4:30 How do you overcome imposter syndrome?
5:30 How do you stop feeling like an imposter? Surrender To The Real You.

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