How To Build A Dome I.S.R.U.

By Tom Sachs Studio
Video by Charlie Koss

From “How to Build a Geodesic Dome: In-Situ Resource Utilization (I.S.R.U.),” a workshop taught by visiting lecturer and artist Tom Sachs with Nicholas de Monchaux and Zain Karsan. Over the summer, through remote collaboration, MIT Architecture students built their own 3v geodesic domes from a material, making do with what they have around them, in the spirit of I.S.R.U. The domes were part of a tradition of geodesic building by MIT Architecture students dating back to Buckminster Fuller’s dome in 1954. Through this course, the tradition was reimagined to reflect the circumstances and challenges of this time. Each student created a 1-min film to contextualize their dome.

Original text:

I am leading a workshop as a visiting lecturer at MIT based on the work of I.S.R.U. I’m extending an invite to you, my community to follow along, participate, and submit your projects by sharing them on Instagram and tagging #tomsachsisru.

By Friday, Aug 14th, In remote collaboration with MIT Architecture and my studio team, you will build your own 3v geodesic dome from a material, and at a scale appropriate to your current environment — wherever and however you find yourself. Try to avoid buying things, make do with what you have.

In addition to building a Dome, you will create two communication materials.
A 1-Pager:
Communicate what your dome is about
Must have Name, Date and a Title for Your Dome
8.5 x 11 sheet horizontal – folded in half – be mindful of the gutter

A 1-min Film:
In that minute you need your name, the title of your dome, and to convey what’s important about it.

Note – This is not a class about Dome geometry, it’s about bricolage and construction. Don’t get lost in the math.

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