How to Add Shine and Dimension to Hair in Photoshop

Add the glamorous shine, dimension, and depth to hair in Photoshop. We’ll enhance the hair and make it pop out and compliment the face.

Hair can have a mind of its own when photographed. While the face may turn to be shining, the hair might behave otherwise. We need to more often than not retouch hair separately.

Have you ever noticed those big billboard advertisements of shampoos, hair conditioners or moisturizers? If you focus on the hair of the models in those advertisements, you would find out that they have a certain shine to it, their hair color pops, unlike reality, they never have any stray hair, it’s styled, cleaned up and tidy. Is the shampoo that excellent or the retoucher? I’m not sure about the shampoo but I’m extremely sure about the retoucher.

In this tutorial, on order to retouch hair, we will first sample the brightest spot of the hair and saturate and brighten it more. Then with a soft brush we will paint over the areas that are already shining. After that, we would blur the layer a little and change the blend mode to screen. Then we would use the “Blend If” option to control the areas where the shine is applied. Next, we will have to add a little bit of clarity and vibrance using the Camera Raw Filter. To make sure that this effect is applied only to the hair. We will have to create a mask of the hair and apply the filter to the merged copy of another layer in which the mask resides.

Sounds confusing? Trust me, it is very simple, watch the video and the follow the steps. At the end, I promise that you;d be thrilled and surprised to see the results.

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