How I drew an architecture Mandala | Empire State Building

A quick video to show you how I put together the Empire State Building Mandala drawing. First thing to do was to draw the elevations which I did with the help of images online. I liked how how the Chrysler building mandala drawing turned out so I matched the cross configuration, repeating the elevation just four times. There were four striking building details which I knew could become parts of the mandala. The decorative fan and headstone like details above the windows, the eagles at the entrance and the lovely radiating wheat like spokes from the interior ceiling and mural. I set the eagles at 45’s, added concentric circles at the center and placed the fan and headstone motifs at the border. The wheat like radiating spokes also worked quite nicely for infill. Eventually I wasn’t happy with the border which somehow didn’t seem to focus attention enough at the center, so I went through a few iterations and eventually settled on something a bit more floral. I also changed the center circles to a compass and thinned out the spokes. And this is the design I settled on. So check out my kickstarter campaign for this design and a couple others. I’m putting together shirts and canvas prints if theirs enough interest. I’m Doug Patt. We’ll see you, next time.



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