How Graphic Designers Can Survive A Recession! (What I’m Going To Do)

Recession is a hot word in 2022, and it has a lot of people scared. As graphic designers, are we safe from a recession, and is ‘graphic design’ recession proof? Let’s find out today here at Satori Graphics.
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Recessions happen almost every decade, and they are a normal part of any economy. Economies grow and then they shrink, kind of like breathing, exhaling in and out again. It just so happens that we are currently on the verge of a recession in 2022, with high inflation rates and all that jazz. But, what does this mean for graphic designers?

Typically during a recession, the role of a graphic designer is really quite expendable to a lot of businesses. Money becomes tight and so lay-offs do occur. But this then creates further competition within the graphic design sector, as people compete for the jobs that do exist. This means that you need to step up your marketing game, and make sure your graphic design portfolio is the best that it can be.

Aside from the graphic design side of things, in the video I do talk about investing, cryptocurrency, the stock market, and things that I’m going to be doing during this recession in 2022, if it even properly happens of course. The FED could just print more money again, but that would be kicking the can down the road so to speak, which is simply delaying the inevitable, that a recession will happen at some point. There’s no avoiding it. So you can prepare for that time with the knowledge of what to do as a graphic designer, with todays video by Satori Graphics.

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