Historic Preservation Podcast #34: Matija Strlič on the Methodology of Smell

Jorge Otero-Pailos, Historic Preservation Program Director, speaks with Matija Strlič, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of Ljubljana, Professor of Heritage Science at University College London, and Senior Research Fellow at Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Conservation Institute, chemist by training and accredited conservator.

Together they discuss Strlič’s career path and his work with conservators in measuring compositions. He sheds light on methods of identifying degradation in materials and human interactions with them. Strlič elaborates on the use of smell to measure the manner of decay of materials in conservation and determine their stability. The two contemplate how we experience objects in relation to their sensual qualities or environments, and discuss how smell can inform our interpretation of both objects and spaces. Strlič hopes to put smell at the center of the conversation about heritage conservation science.

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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