Hisham Munir, “When Politics and Architecture Collide”

Hosted by the Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture (AKPIA)

Hisham Munir is one of the leading architects in the Arab/Persian Gulf region. His firm, Munir Group Architects has wide range experience in providing comprehensive architectural, engineering and consulting services in the fields of: Health and Medical complexes (government and private health centers and hospitals), Cultural and Educational facilities (Schools Colleges and Universities), Government and Administrative complexes (Ministries and Departments), Professional Organizations Headquarters, Hotels (government and private), Airport Hangers, Banks, Housing and Urban Design. Mr. Munir and his firm have won the highest number of first prize awards in the competitions they participated. Published in numerous local and international publications. Experience of over forty years has covered all regions of Iraq, north, middle and south and the Arab/Persian Gulf. We have also successfully collaborated, associated and joint-ventures with various international firms: American, British, Brazilian, Canadian, Dutch, Italian and Swiss.


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