Henning Larsen's Etobicoke Civic Centre shelters public square from cold winds

Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects has won a competition to design a group of buildings in Toronto, with a proposal that channels wind to create a comfortable microclimate in a central plaza.

The Etobicoke Civic Centre will feature a cluster of buildings of different sizes, arranged to shelter a public square from cold prevailing winds.

The development was planned to increase pedestrian activity in the area, after research conducted by Henning Larsen found that temperatures in Toronto were perceived as too cold for 60% of the year.

The architects claim that site analysis and local thermal studies have allowed them to prolong the period during which pedestrians can comfortably occupy the square by up to five weeks each year.

The buildings arranged around the central plaza are all of different heights, and will be topped by public roof terraces that will act as breakout spaces or playgrounds.

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