Hassell’s office building for Medibank is designed to “get people moving”

Rob Backhouse of Hassell explains how the architecture firm’s office building for insurance company Medibank is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst staff.

Hassel’s Medibank Workplace project in Melbourne, Australia, won the Offices category at Inside Festival 2015.

It features a park, indoor football pitches and tennis courts, as well as 26 different types of workspace to discourage employees from spending all day sat at the same desk.

“The idea of mobility and physical movement was expressed right through the architecture and right through all of the setting types that people can work at,” Hassell managing director Backhouse explains in our latest movie for Inside Festival.

The workspaces are spread across different levels of the 22-storey office block, connected via a brightly coloured staircase that snakes through the centre of the building.

“All through the building, the idea of the atrium with the stair system was about movement,” Backhouse says. “It’s about getting people moving, not using lifts.”

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