GSD Talks: “Innovate: Nerea Calvillo”

Contemporary ways of dealing with air pollution are generally focused on emissions and efficiency, on hygiene and control. This presentation aims to open up other ways of taking air quality into account from an architecture perspective, questioning what is it at stake from a conceptual, technical and design point of view. Thinking with the air will enable us to challenge notions of sustainability, public space, digital infrastructures or toxic environments, through steel boxes, bodies, markets, fines, maps and many other agents of the aerial socio-technical assemblage. Innovation occurs on multiple scales, frequently crosses disciplines, and occasionally changes lives, cities, and culture. It is not a science, but requires design skills and must be informed by an eye for opportunity. “Innovate,” a noontime talk series, features 20-minute presentations followed by discussions with faculty and students. Moderated by Iñaki Abalos, Chair of the Department of Architecture.


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