Grisha Zotov/Architectural Prescription at CANactions Architecture Festival 2019

Happiness in urban planning

What are the components of happiness?
Can happiness be the determining factor in urban planning?
How does it affect making architectural and spatial decisions?
About happiness on the example of the concept of the spatial development of the Kytaiv territory.

Grisha Zotov / Architectural Prescription
Architectural Prescription is an architectural practice founded in 2016 by Grisha Zotov. Based in Amsterdam, Architectural Prescription engages in design on both an urban and architectural scale and additionally offers computational consultation services for design professionals. The practice employs a pragmatic, analytical design approach using advanced computational methods to develop projects and processes in which form is a function. Grisha Zotov is a founder of CANactions School and a teacher of Urban Fabric studio for master students at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.
Previously Grisha gained experience in architectural design, urban planning, construction techniques, and computational design in internationally acclaimed offices BIG, OMA, de Architekten Cie and ZOTOV&CO. Sundial by Architectural Prescription — Special Prize Winner at WIRED magazine Creative Hack Award 2017; Van Der Park — residential complex.


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