Graphic Glow-Up: Design Custom Badges with VooDooVal – 2 of 2

These designs are out of this world! Learn how to to design team badges in Photoshop for a fictional space expedition to another planet with VooDoo Val. Tune in to the show, to get your questions answered and help her bring her ideas to life.

Download Val’s Graphic Glow Up Assets:

Host VooDoo Val is a Creative Streamer & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based in Sacramento:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
00:42 Introduction
04:18 Goals overview
06:55 Achievements
08:45 Design overview
13:02 Working on the design-
15:10 Shapes with the pen tool
17:10 Clipping masks
30:32 Creating the comet shapes
43:28 Choosing a color palette
45:20 Adding texture with brushes


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