Graphic Design Tutorial: Art Direction & Typography pt. 2

The principles of typography and design are discussed on the second part of Chris Do’s review and art direction with graphic designer Minhye Cho.

The Futur’s upcoming magazine (featuring writing by members of The Futur community) is in development, so Chris Do has decided to shed light on his process while critiquing the work of Minhye Cho, an amazing graphic designer at Blind who is working on the layout. Chris goes in depth with regards to typography and how the print process will affect final costs and the quality (both objective and perceived) of the printed publication.

In addition, they review some mock-up created to test the flexibility of The Futur’s own logo, a process necessary to determining the long-term viability of a brand’s mark.

If you missed part 1, here it is:


00:53 Why we are launching a magazine
01:03 Overview: Magazine Cover
03:45 Dual Color Design: Mix together colors and shades for varying tone.
04:25 Overview: Interior Spread
05:14 Gestalt Effect: Including subtle elements that play with visual perception
06:52 It’s Important to have graphic consistency (repeating forms and motifs)
08:46 Let some elements break the grid.
10:11 Counterplay: balance negative spaces and contrasts.
11:46 Work with writers to not leave widows / lone words.
12:00 Overview: Junior Ad Block
13:02 Tip: Include the details/markers of a fully finished print
14:48 Using Dual-tones can increase perceived value
16:34 Be elastic: Explore many design options
17:50 Should we use a mockup?
19:23 Overview: Magazine Cover – Version 2
20:43 Identity System: Exploring thefutur as a brand

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