Graphic Design Pioneer—Alexander Rodchenko Russian Constructivist

Before designers like Shepard Fairey started his ubiquitous Andre The Giant has a posse and the “OBEY” phenomenon, Russian artist and graphic designer Alexander Rodchenko was blazing a trail and forging a path forward for contemporary graphic design. To say that he and other Russian Constructivist “influenced” contemporary design would be an understatement.

Ben wanted to learn more about Art History, so Chris gave him a homework assignment on Alexander Rodchenko. His work continues to inspire logos, posters and other design works today. Whose work inspires you?

0:46 Alexander Rodchenko: 1891-1956
1:19 Dance. An Objectless Composition – 1915
1:47 Construction No. 127 1920
2:08 Pure Red Color, Pure Yellow Color, Pure Blue Color (The End Of Painting 1921)
2:34 Alexander embraced the idea that artists and designers as engineers over asthetes (people who value asthetics)
3:13 Rodchenko is known as a father of constructivism (Spatial construction No. 12 – 1920)
4:57 Switch from fine art into design/purpose (Better Pacifiers 1923)
6:56 In the 1920’s Rodchenko delved into politics (Books 1924)
8:11 Originality – Everything comes from something.
8:35 It’s hard to pull off symmetrical layouts and make them look fresh and modern.
10:09 Strive to create design that is timeless, and is rooted in solid design fundamentals.
13:40 In the 1930’s Rodchenko’s design work became outlawed, so he shifted his focus to photography
15:24 A lot of our visual vocabulary is borrowed from the past.
16:18 Let go of trying to be original, and focus on being good.

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