Grahame Shane – London: Fractal City

Lecture date: 1999-01-20

Architect Grahame Shane argues that for 200 years London’s growth operated in a kind of fractal pattern, repeating a basic set of simple rules at a variety of scales over time. One set of rules governed growth to the west, a different set dominated in the east. These can be seen as inversions of each other, typical of a fractal growth system. Topography acted as a perturbation in this system and the process of code inversion produced some interesting new hybrids as the growth pattern switched from one mode to another.

Grahame Shane trained at the AA and at Cornell. In the 1970s and 1980s he taught at the AA and at Bennington College, Vermont, as well as teaching at Cornell, Rice, and RISD. Since 1986 he has been Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Columbia University teaching in the Urban Design Program.

Lecture introduced by Robert Maxwell.

NB: Cuts out before Q & A.


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