Gothic Calligraphy in Adobe Illustrator

Hello guys, In this tutorial I’ll show you How to Create Gothic Lettering in Adobe Illustrator.

If you don’t know, Gothic is probably one of the most easily recognized of all the lettering styles. Originating in the 12th Century, its heavy, angular strokes and tightly packed letters were used for manuscripts and formal documents for a number of centuries and is still used today for similar works.

In Adobe Illustrator, you can easily create Gothic Calligraphy using Calligraphy Brush and Basic Path that you can create using Pentool.

In this tutorial you also will learn :
1. How to create guidelines for lettering, ascender, x-height, descender?
2. How to make calligraphy brush in Adobe Illustrator?
3. Basic Letters for Gothic Calligraphy.
4. Set Letter Spacing.

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