A gold text effect Illustrator tutorial in Illustrator made simple! Together we will be making golden typography as a vector design in Adobe Illustrator. So if you were looking to find a solid graphic design resource showing you how to make a gold text effect in Illustrator, look ono further. So lets jump right into this and make some gold letters in Illustrator.

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This is a very straight forward and easy to follow Illustrator tutorial, you can create your very own gold lettering in Illustrator by recreating each step at a time. I wanted to make this video where I show you how to make a gold text effect in Illustrator the simplest tutorial possible. So after you are finished watching, making golden typography will not be something too hard for you to create.

Today you will be learning how to make golden typography by;
understanding how to use the gradient tool for text
knowing what CMYK values you need to create a gold colour for the text
how to add a glistening effect using the ellipse tool and a gaussian blur

The gold text effect Illustrator tutorial video is only 5 minutes long, so that should suggest to you just how easy and quick it can be to make gold text or gold type in Illustrator, it is very simple.

Do you think that this text effect tutorial does help to design text that looks a lot like gold? Is it a text effect that you would possibly use for whatever reason, maybe in your work or artwork? Let me know below.

So let me know if you found this Illustrator tutorial helpful, I hope you did and you can now create your own gold typography or gold text for yourself. Subscribe for weekly videos, not only tutorials such as this, but also speed art videos and more! If you found this helpful in showing you how to make gold letters in Illustrator, share it with your friends and hit that like button.

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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