Design Portfolio Review: Working at Nike, Adidas, EA and Beyond – Hussain Almossawi

In this livestream we have Hussain Almossawi on the show! He’s going to share some tips about his design process, behind the scenes of his work, RnD, trials, and his exploration that leads to the final product design and/or animation.

Hussain Almossawi, founder of Mossawi Studios, is a CG Artist & Product Designer based in New York City. He has worked on a wide range of products across different industries worldwide, including footwear, automotive, and tech.

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02:00 – Start
5:30 – Where Hussain started
10:00 – The project that got Hussain more work
17:00 – Hussain’s diverse work
24:00 – Hussain doesn’t think you only have to stick to one lane.
28:00 – Evoking emotion through motion
33:00 – All the softwares Hussain uses
35:00 – Stepping up your typography by turning your 2D type into 3D
38:00 – The less points the better when creating clean curves
40:00 – Hussain’s Demo
1:00:00 – The final renders
1:07:00 – Hussain’s advice for doing bad work*
1:10:00 – How much Hussain charges and people in motion rates
1:17:00 – How Hussain got the internship at Nike?
1:24:00 – Be humble and hungry
1:25:00 – Recap

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