Giulia Foscari – Elements of Venice

Lecture date: 2014-11-18

From the AA, via Hong Kong and Buenos Aires, back to Europe.

Following a brief excursus on projects developed between 2007 and 2013 in Hong Kong and in Latin America, the talk will focus on “Elements of Venice”. Conceived as a mean to test and apply Rem Koolhaas’ dissection strategy into fundamental architectural elements (set forth in “Elements of Architecture”), the research isolates Venetian façades, walls, stairs, ceilings, etc with the joint ambition of presenting each as the product of political and cultural shifts that occurred since Venice’s foundation to date, and of demystifying the notion that the city has remained unchanged throughout its history.

Since her graduation cum laude in Italy and the completion of the AA DRL MArch (in 2007), Giulia Foscari worked as architect, curator and assistant professor, based in Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. In Asia, she taught at Hong Kong University, and, after a year at Foster and Partners, she was the first person on the ground for the OMA Hong Kong office. In parallel, Giulia curated two Collateral Events at the Venice Biennale (in 2008, “Palladio and Contemporary Architects: Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher”, and the “Hong Kong Pavilion”, in 2010, with Juan Du). In South America, Giulia was responsible for a small OMA platform which focused on research and design projects in the region. Since 2013, Giulia shifted her focus back to her hometown, Venice, by being part of AMO Biennale team and by publishing “Elements of Venice”, a book which was developed as a parallel research to Rem Koolhaas’ “Elements of Architecture”.


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