Getting Started with Rhino Part 1 – BEGINNERS START HERE!

In this video, we kick off our step by step series on getting started modeling in Rhinoceros 3D! If you’re a beginner, this series will teach you exactly how to get started modeling in Rhino so you’re comfortable creating your own 3D models!


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0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – The getting started page
1:00 – Setting a project template
1:45 – Dark mode/light mode
2:36 – File bar
3:10 – Activating commands in Rhino
4:10 – Adding and adjusting toolbars in Rhino
6:05 – The properties window
6:55 – The help window
8:15 – Bottom bar options
9:26 – The 3D viewport
10:08 – Changing the middle mouse button to Orbit
10:36 – Zooming and Panning
11:59 – Using windows and viewports
12:20 – Different viewport rendering modes
13:38 – Using different viewport window layouts
14:29 – Resizing and moving viewports


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