Get Started with Text in Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

This video introduces the different ways to add text to a design and to apply key formatting like fonts and text size. After watching this quick introductory video, click the link below to explore a hands-on tutorial inside Adobe Illustrator. In the hands-on tutorial in Illustrator, you’ll add text to a project and apply simple formatting to it.

Content of this video:
00:00 Intro
00:20 Where do we use text?
00:35 Adding heading text
00:42 Add a paragraph of text
00:56 Area type vs point type
01:11 Lorem ipsum
01:30 Resize a heading
01:38 Resize the paragraph of text
01:55 Explore text formatting
02:46 Recap!
03:00 Outro

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Get started with text in Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud


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