Fuse: In, Re, De, Pro, Con (Denise Scott Brown)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Wood Auditorium

Fuse: In, Re, De, Pro, Con
Denise Scott Brown, on her 81st birthday
In conversation with Amale Andraos, Columbia University GSAPP, Felix Burrichter, PIN–UP, Cristina Guadalupe Galván, Idée Fixe

One half of the legendary architecture firm Venturi Scott Brown, coauthor of Learning from Las Vegas, and “a truly towering figure in the modern history of the building art” (New York Review of Books), Denise Scott Brown returns to GSAPP on her 81st birthday for a presentation and intergenerational conversation on fusion and discovery—from the kraals of her native South Africa to the Las Vegas and Santa Monica strips. Joining her on stage are Amale Andraos (WORKac and GSAPP), Cristina Guadalupe Galván (Idée Fixe), and Felix Burrichter (PIN–UP Magazine).



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