From a live webinar: BIPOC Reader Teaching Strategies with Dr. Maya Harakawa and Olivia Chiang

Art history as a discipline was established during the peak of European colonization, and as a consequence is fraught with all kinds of erasures, silences, and omissions. Thankfully, the traditional celebration of the very distorted, racist, and sexist history of Eurocentric art and art-making has finally come under scrutiny. In this collaborative, pedagogy-focused webinar, participants will discuss the practical challenges posed by new histories that challenge the discipline’s normative biases, and brainstorm strategies to address them. The conversation is influenced by Not your grandfather’s art history: A BIPOC Reader, a free, fully digitized, openly-licensed art history resource that provides more than twenty analytical essays that seek to re-route the traditional narratives of art history with Europe and whiteness at its center. Focusing on the classroom, the conversation will consider the needs of both educators and students in pursuing the difficult but necessary work of tackling white supremacy, both in the discipline and in society.


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