Freezing Photo Effects | Photoshop Photo Editing Challenge

CHALLENGE: Use effects and compositing to create an icy super power effect on a photo.
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Join your host Sam Peterson each morning at 9:00am PT to learn how to approach each challenge using Photoshop. Get your questions answered, see what the community is creating and get feedback on your work!

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00:00 Start
1:20 Adding filters to edit color tones
1:50 Adding a LUT
4:17 Using select subject and refine edge brush
7:00 Using content aware fill
10:43 Adding a plastic wrap filter to the arms
13:46 Adding a frosted glass filter
16:05 Masking with a texture brush
17:00 Adding outer and inner glow
19:38 Creating a gradient ice effect
24:18 Adding a motion blur
24:55 Darkening the background


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