Focus by Kasper Kjeldgaard | VDF x The Mindcraft Project

Kasper Kjeldgaard’s Focus is a mobile comprising a brass skeleton with stainless-steel structures and steel wire, which is designed to draw attention to its centrepiece, a black diabase stone.

Kjeldgaard is interested in the laws of gravity, friction and rotation and the work is intended to create an awareness and tension between materials, function and purpose.

“I have been chasing the sculpture and a more poetic side of design,” said Kjeldgaard, who originally trained as a furniture maker. “I use design to ask questions and point out subtle relevant problems in the way we act as humans.”

Read more on Dezeen:

The Mindcraft Project 2020

Exhibition by Copenhagen Design Agency
Exhibition design and visuals by Wang & Söderström
Photography by Anders Sune Berg
Videos by Michael Sangkoyo Gramtorp



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