Finding Your Brand and Package Design with Sara & Misc – 1 of 2

Tune in with Sara Laninga on Adobe Live as she works on branding and packaging design for a sustainable vegan soap line. Watch and learn as she defines the brand identity and works on packaging in part 1. Don’t miss part 2 as she creates mockups and additional collateral for the brand.

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Guest Sarah Laninga is a graphic designer and illustrator:

Host Anna McNaught is a photographer, photoshop artist, and traveler:
Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:00 Introduction of Sara
03:30 Project overview
07:10 Sara’s design education history
08:35 Choosing fonts and font pairings
10:15 Where does Sara find fonts?
13:10 What kind of equipment/tech does Sara use?
21:10 Which designers does Sara find inspiring?
28:20 How many different fonts should you use in a packaging project
32:10 Communicating font choices to clients
34:00 Working with textures and package mockups
35:45 Using the Help search bar to navigate Illustrator features
37:00 Sara’s balance of personal VS client projects
40:00 Adding illustrations to the design
43:15 How does Sara stay inspired during art-block?
47:20 Sara’s transition into the freelance world
49:00 Using anchor points to edit shapes
50:45 How long does a project take for Sara to complete?
53:10 Does Sara set a time limit for her projects?
01:00:10 Does sara incorporate original illustration into her work?
01:04:55 Where does Sara find color combos to use?
01:08:20 Keyboard shortcut to unhide artboards
01:11:25 What kind of art does Anna make?
01:15:00 Creating and understanding dieline templates
01:16:00 When during the project does Sara communicate with her client?
01:21:00 What is Project Fantastic Fold?
01:25:20 How did Sara learn to create dieline packages?
01:32:15 Planning a packaging design layout
01:33:30 Sara’s favorite colors to design with
01:37:00 Creating design icons from scratch!
01:40:45 What is Sara’s favorite part of the design process?
01:41:50 Does Sara download icons or make them herself?
01:52:50 Incorporating barcodes and other required packaging elements


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