Finding Courage To Show Up As Who You Are—Dublin IDI/Why Design

All my life, I’ve struggled to fit in. So when the opportunity came up to speak on gender issues in the design industry, I quickly decided to dive in. What I didn’t realize as I plunged in head first was that I would soon be pulled under by the strong emotional currents surround this issue.

I’m not going to lie. I wanted to quit. I wanted to cancel the speaking event. I don’t need this kind of grief in my life, when all I wanted to do was to help. It was the through the generosity of a few strangers, in particular, IDI President Kim Mackenzie Doyle and designer, teacher, podcaster Diane Gibbs that got me through this.

If you haven’t done so, listen to the pt. 1 podcast w/ Diane. Then come back to watch this video.

5:00 Never felt that I belonged
5:35 Losing my own identity. Desire to quit.
5:58 Generosity of strangers. showing up as myself.
6:30 Fears unwarranted. Online life

Gender balance initiative


Why Design


Recharging You w/ Diane Gibbs


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