Fashion Disciples: Black

London-based filmmaker Isaac Lock wrote, shot, and stars in this anxiety comedy that peers beneath the surface of a fashion shoot gone awry. Commissioned to sell a new beauty product for devotees of black—people who wear nothing except this darkest shade—Lock struggles to interpret the client’s brief, leading to a clash of bold colours and bolder personalities, where increasingly fantastical style references—from ecclesiastical drag to leather daddies—muddy the creative waters. Speaking about his drily dark satire on the beauty industry, Lock explains: “I’ve always been interested in the disaster that awaits when we let our egos run out of control, and I think when investigating this subject, the fairest way to make fun of it is to include myself and lay bare an exaggerated version of my own ego, my own anxieties and my own insecurities. I love the way that every creative collaboration has endless potential to be perfect or terrible or anything in between, and I think there’s a lot of humour to be found in being honest about the ways things go less than perfectly.”


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