Editing Dance & Portrait Photography with Omar Z. Robles – 1 of 2

Join Lightroom Ambassador and photographer Omar Robles as he edits dance and portrait photography. This week Omar will share his tips and tricks for photo selection, exposure correction, color grading and color correcting using Lightroom!

Guest Omar Robles is a NYC based photographer and Adobe Lightroom Ambassador:
Learn more about the Lightroom Ambassadors: https://lightroom.adobe.com/ambassadors

Host Arabela Espinoza is the Co-Founder of Weekend Creative, a Photographer and Art Director team based in the San Francisco Bay Area: https://www.behance.net/weekend-creative
Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive

00:00 Start
3:20 Intro to Omar’s Work
8:55 Intro to Omar’s Stream Project
13:00 Getting Lighting Right While Photographing
14:45 Correcting Horizon Line
16:20 Cropping
18:10 Editing Lighting Sliders
22:00 Editing Curves
24:50 Editing the Hue and Saturation
37:30 Using Radial Gradients
38:50 What Speed to Photograph Movement at
46:00 Before / After Shortcuts
48:30 Starting a New Edit
51:55 Adding Sharpening to Fix Focus
52:30 Why Omar Uses Natural Light
55:23 Fixing Overexposed Background
57:35 Checking Values in Black and White
1:04:20 Fixing an Overexposed Photo
1:16:20 Starting a New Edit
1:18:05 Editing Hair Highlights
1:27:36 Majesty Rise Portfolio Review
1:42:33 Isabella Figliano Portfolio Review


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