Edinburgh Lectures – Part 1 – Paul Shepheard, Will Alsop, Peter Wilson, Jean Sillet

Lecture date: 1976-02-09


Peter Cook briefly outlines the ideas and principles behind Art Net as an introduction to a series of lectures that could be characterized as Art Net on tour. ‘Art Net is a kind of ad hoc institution. A gallery which shows roughly 60% architectural exhibitions and 40% art exhibitions, it draws an increasingly widespread audience primarily made up from students and architects working in the various offices around Bloomsbury. It’s very important that it’s not just a gallery that has an exhibition every three weeks and a private view. We are increasingly holding events somewhat similar to this one this afternoon where the people who are exhibiting come and talk about their work. We video everything that moves because you never know how much you might want to look back on it later as information. We also have gatherings of one kind or another where we hope that the people who are talking will knock up against each other. As the remnants from the New York Five and Superstudio exhibitions illustrate, we regard Art Net as a place where people from other countries drop in and do their thing, and where the locals come back at them.’

Lectures by: Paul Shepheard, Will Alsop, Peter Wilson and Jean Sillett

NB: Peter Wilson and Jean Sillett lecture cuts out temporarily halfway through.


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