Easily Create Highly Realistic Screen Mockup! – Photoshop Tutorial

Discover Techniques to Place Anything on Any Screen Realistically with Photoshop! Using these methods, we’ll also turn it into a “Screen Mockup” to easily insert any image on the screen and keep the effect intact. In this lesson, we will use the power of clipping masks, blending modes, and most importantly, concepts of depth-of-field to create a natural result.

I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

► Timestamps:
00:00 What We’ll Learn
00:31 What’s the Resolution? Aspect Ratio?
02:23 Beware! Rounded Corners?
02:41 Placement & Perspective
04:02 Masking
04:43 2 Ways to Apply Screen Effect
06:14 Depth-of-Field and Tilt-Shift Blur
09:28 How to Use the Mockup?
10:48 Recap & Summary
11:55 Thank You!

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