Earth Healer Skyscraper

Honorable Mention
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Dong Jingzhe , Li Boyu , Zhang Zihan , Sun Zhe , Wu Yilun , Yu Yang , Zhang Haohao

Earth Healer Skyscraper


Several years after World War III, a global war breaks out between countries in the world to fight for exhausting petroleum resource. Use of large amount of nuclear weapons in late war resulted in destruction of whole ecological environment in the earth. Most particles produced by nuclear explosion has size less than 1 micron floating in the air for tens of years to severely influence environmental temperature of the earth, so a scene like biter cold winter will appear on the earth – “nuclear winter”.

Damaged by nuclear weapon, the ecological circle is destructed and people cannot live on the earth’s surface, so we propose the “central survival of people” boldly. Facing long time span damage caused by nuclear pollution, people need to live underground temporarily and restore ground environment, meanwhile, people need to contact outer space closely to explore new planets suitable for people to live.

Individual lifesaving building, with most volume underground, has spiral lift device according to restoration condition of ground, providing living environment isolating nuclear pollution size a small city for survivors, with top space mainly used for takeoff and landing of Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), green plant and space purification. UAV carries chemicals to purify and reclaim soil and sow seed, giving the earth life while purifying environment. Water in the air is collected through top condensing tube and stored in storage device, they are transported through pipe to be used for green plant and people’s life. Lower film structure turn CO2 to O2 while purifying dust and air.

To avoid influence of nuclear radiation, people live in the top core tube structure combining larger space and smaller space, creating public and private space, with a spiral slope in the center of main structure used for vertical communication. In lower core tube substance necessary for life such as vegetables, water and air are stored to foster new lives. Underground spiral part is designed to fully absorb and use geotherm layer by layer.

The skin of individual lifesaving building is divided into several layers from inside to outside according to bionic principle, with appropriate density by using parameter design. They are like plant cells to transport substance and protect themselves, with function of environment protection. Over time, survivors can observe outdoor environment from top space, seeing the process of restoration day by day. Finally people will gather in a vital ecological environment, and the people’s history starts a new chapter.


Earth Healer Skyscraper

Earth Healer Skyscraper


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