Dronesphere Colloquium

No city has yet confronted a large scale domestic integration of either autonomous or remotely piloted aerial vehicles. Although, various district-scale experiments testing the occupation of urban airspace are underway. During the latter half of 2018, rural delivery has begun in remote communities in Ontario, and has a longer history in rural contexts outside of Canada. However, the city presents a set of different spatial, social, legal, regulatory, and technical challenges. This event, through a series of panels and presentations, will address the place of aerial robotics in the city. It will feature presentations by scholars from design practice, art, architectural history, surveillance studies and engineering. The drone’s “place” within the city will be triangulated through speculative proposals, historical analysis, and a critical engagement with their use in the present.

Speakers Include:
Ciara Bracken-Roche (UOttawa)
Sean Burkholder (UPenn)
John Harwood (UT)
Immony Men (OCAD U)
Fiona McDermott (Trinity College)
Hillary Mushkin (CalTech)
Giovanni de Niederhäusern (Carlo Ratti and Associati)
Public Studio (UT)
Ala Roushan (OCAD U)
Sam Siewert (ERAU)
Scott Sørli (UWaterloo)
Mason White (UT)

Keynote: Liam Young (Sci Arc)

Join speculative architect Liam Young and acclaimed electronic producer for the live expanded cinema performance, I Spy with my Machine Eye, a filmic tour told from the perspective of a drone drifting across the planet. Based around Young’s short film ‘In the Robot Skies’, the first fiction film shot entirely using preprogrammed drones and accompanied by acclaimed electronic producer Forest Swords’ original soundscape he narrates a near-future love story set against the fears and wonders of an impending drone age.

Special Thanks to the FADO Performance Art Center and the Italian Cultural Institute for co-presenting Liam Young’s performance lecture “I Spy With My Machine Eye”, and the “Projective Urban Air Mobility” panel, respectively.

For more information about the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto, visit us at http://www.daniels.utoronto.ca


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