Drawings for “Dadaglobe” by MoMA Teens – Episode 3

In this episode, MoMA’s teen-led Digital Advisory Board explore drawings: one of four types of visual submission requested by Tristan Tzara, a poet and cofounder of Dada, for his ambitious anthology, “Dadaglobe.” Create your own “Dadaglobe” submission! Send three or four black and white drawings….one drawing can be colorful, but containing no more than two or three colors. Share your responses with @momateens on Instagram, and tag work #dadaglobe.


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The Digital Advisory Board (DAB) is a paid, internship-style program for teens and young adults who have taken part in multiple seasons of art programs at MoMA. The group meets weekly to create video content, direct peer-to-peer education programs, publicise and promote teen-specific events, and oversee the editorial content of the MoMA Teens social media sites. For more information on this and other MoMA Teen programs, email [email protected]


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