Draw This in Your Style with stevieraedrawn and CodiBear – 1 of 2

Here on Draw This in Your Style, two artists will swap artwork created before the livestream, and draw each other’s illustration in their own artistic styles! This week, our guest is stevieraedrawn, a 2D artist and illustrator based in Toronto. Stevie paints dreamy and macabre subjects in a fantastical semi-realism style. She has worked in markets ranging from book covers to the mobile gaming industry. She also prides herself on helping artists and creatives to embrace their mistakes and learn!

Feel free to pick one or both of these artist’s “Draw This in Your Style” illustrations and re-create it in your own style. Post your work online with hashtag #adobelivedtiys or in the Photoshop Discord! http://bit.ly/PSdiscord

Guest stevieraedrawn is an illustrator based in Toronto:

Host Codi Bear is an illustrator based in Portland, OR:

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive



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