Draw Straight Line with Any Brush in Photoshop

Learn how to paint in straight lines with ANY BRUSH using this amazing shortcut. Either it is the Clone Stamp Tool, the Spot Healing Brush Tool, the Healing Brush tool or even the eraser, you can paint in straight line with every tool that functions like a brush using this very useful shortcut.

A straight line in Photoshop will be very useful and precise not only in using a normal brush for a piece of art. There’s much more to it. Suppose you want to remove cable lines from image with the spot healing brush tool. Dragging the brush manually can be inaccurate. Using this technique you can remove all of those cables and towers using just a few clicks as shown in this video.

Though there are lots of uses of this shortcut, which you will discover soon, one of them, which I have discussed in the video, is double gradients. You can use this technique to get gradients on both sides instead of just in one direction.

Making a straight line with a brush is very simple. All you need to is, select the brush and determine the size, color (if applicable), flow and opacity. Then, click with the brush at the point where you want your straight line to begin, then, press and hold shift. With Shift held down, click with the brush at the point were you want your line to end and, you will have a straight line. Now, if you want your brush to take a turn and bend, keep holding shift and keep clicking in the direction you desire.

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